Flower Bus

We’ve had a music bus, a beach bus, and it’s now time to venture in to flowers with the help of Katie from Flower Show Presents.

This week we were kindly invited to accompany Katie on a trip to Crosslands Flower Nursery, specialising in British alstroemeria, in Barnham. Crosslands was established in 1957 and has seen 4 generations lovingly care for the alstroemeria there. Despite other British flower nurseries suffering, Crosslands has continued to bloom and has no intentions on stopping anytime soon.
One of the many alstroemeria varieties grown at Crosslands

We met Ben, or Alstroemeria Ben as he is fondly known, who had a real passion for this beautiful flower. Showing us around the 4 acre nursery and a variety of different alstroemeria, he explained everything to us from why the PH of the soil was so crucial to going through just how the flowers go from the greenhouses to local florists, including some in Brighton.
Ben and Katie colour checking alstroemerias
Katie ensures the flowers she uses are British grown, and after talking with Ben it is easy to see why it is so important. These flowers are cared for from dawn until dusk and picked at the perfect moment to produce large flowers that are guaranteed to stay in bloom, with stunning colours, for weeks.

Ben loves to share his experiences with everyone and you can often see him at a range of flower shows, as well as visiting local universities, giving talks on why ‘British Flowers Rock’.
Enforcing the message that English Flowers are best


  1. I love Alstroemeria, they are my favourite flowers, pretty & delicate but last for ages, so, thanks for bringing those growers to my attention. I am a little confused though, I've probably missed something obvious, but what has this got to do with buses? I was expecting a flower decorated bus but all I can see is that you took a florist to a nursery. Does that mean if I took the bus to Brighton to go to Fabricworld it then becomes a 'fabric bus'?

    1. Hi Valerie. Thank you for your comment. Alstroemeria really are lovely flowers.

      I am sorry if our post was a little confusing about what we are doing. We are going to be creating a large bus made from flowers. It will be situated in Lewes for an event on 1 September as part of the Artwave festival. This post was regarding us picking out the flowers we would like to use on the bus but we will be doing updates as we start building the bus. I hope this helps clear up any confusion.